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The secret endings are back in Far Cry 6 — but unlocking it this time is different than in Far Cry 4 or Far Cry 5, even if the spirit is the same. If you’re wondering why video game protagonists just hang around during horrible nightmare situations and don’t just… leave? Then this is the ending for you. Time to take the coward’s way out!

This Easter egg ending isn’t a first in the series. In Far Cry 4, after meeting with evil dictator Pagan Min, you can simply enjoy your meal and cause no problems, sitting in a chair for an inordinate amount of time. If you’re a good boy, Pagan Min takes you to a chopper and flies you to safety. No problems! Same goes for Far Cry 5, during the tense opening, you can choose to just not arrest the cult leader, walking away from the scene, and avoiding the deadly events of the game entirely. This ending is a whole lot like that, but you can unlock it at literally any point in the game. Here’s how to do it.

How To Unlock The Secret Ending | Hidden In Plain Sight Guide

To get the secret ending, you just need to complete the tutorial island. Once you’re free to explore, grab the nearest boat. All you need is a boat, and the will to escape this hellish country ruled by a mad dictator. This ending can only be unlocked BEFORE the actual ending of the game.

  • How To Unlock ‘Hidden In Plain Sight’ Ending: Commandeer a boat and drive straight toward the edge of the map. After passing through the threshold, you’ll escape and unlock a unique hidden ending.
    • A message pop-up stating “Leaving Tara. Turn around.” will appear. Ignore it!

Eventually, you’ll simply leave the conflict behind. The ending shows your character sipping drinks on a Miami Beach while a news report lays out the events back on Tara. The general successfully quells the rebellion without your help, but who cares! You’re living it up thousands of miles away! Okay, maybe this isn’t exactly the best ending in the game, but it does answer another one of our age-old video game questions — why doesn’t the hero just leave? Now you can.

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