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There’s never enough treasure in Far Cry 6. You always need materials, cash, and more to upgrade what you’ve got — and there are so many ways to customize your character and enhance the abilities of the guerilla movement. You’ll stumble across treasure chests constantly while playing the game, but there are unique treasure chests that require extra work from you. These unique cryptograma chests are like little puzzles. To open them, you’ll have to find two hidden cryptograma charts. Below, we’ll explain where to find all the charts for each chest.

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All Cryptograma Chest Locations & Chart Solutions

Cryptograma Chests are unique chests in the world that require you to find two charts to unlock.

The charts are always nearby — follow the signs in the area for clues to their location. Each chart has a subtle windchime sound effect. Below, we’ll provide clues to help you find all the cryptograma charts, and which charts go with each chest.

There are 15 cryptograma chests total. Finding them all will unlock the ‘That’s Puzzling‘ achievement / trophy.

Chest #1: Quito, Ventura Summit

  • Chart #1: On the roof of the building where the chest is located.
  • Chart #6: In the pipe behind the building.

Chest #2: Costa Del Mar, Aguda Cliffs

  • Chart #10: From the chest, get on a nearby jetski and drive out to the distant rocky island directly forward. Around the back, there’s a spot you can climb up.
  • Chart #25: Continue around the lighthouse cape until you reach another rocky wall marked with blue paint. Get out and use the grappling hook.

Chest #3: Costa Del Mar, Serpentino Park — At the Poesia Marina.

  • Chart #3: From the chest, follow the white boards to the beach and onto a small island. The chart is pinned to the rock.
  • Chart #22: Continue to follow the white boards across the rocky shoals to reach a large boulder in the water with the chart pinned to it.

Chest #4: Lozania, Verdera — In the restricted zone behind the billboard.

  • Chart #16: Follow the blue markers across the rooftops.
  • Chart #19: On the far side of town, straight ahead. Look for the windchime staked above the water tank.

Chest #5: Aguas Lindas, Ida’s Refuge — At the marina.

  • Chart #12: Across the water from the marina, there is a large island covered in palm trees. Use a boat and climb the large rock on the left side of the island.
  • Chart #28: Just below the previous chart, there’s a jetski on a dock. Jump on and drive to the island directly forward. At the dock, you’ll notice its broken. Dive underwater to find the chart on the broken sunken section of the dock.

Chest #6: Balaceras, Diamantes Lakes — In the building south of Ferdza.

  • Chart #4: Go into the nearby ruins of a destroyed building. Only the walls are partially left. There’s wooden debris you can smash to crawl inside a shipping container.
  • Chart #23: There’s an old car next to the booth. Smash the wooden palette blocking the interior.

Chest #7: Cruz Del Salvador, Sabiduria Valley — Go to the plantation fields northwest of town. Its in a watchtower.

  • Chart #13: In the fields, find a large irrigation hole with a ladder blocked by debris. Shoot the explosive barrel to clear it out.
  • Chart #29: In the fields, look for a well hole with a ladder. Shoot the palette blocking the way.

Chest #8: Noventarms, Cielo Gardens — Far south of Guillermo Castillo Bay, there’s an old fort on the water.

  • Chart #9: From the chest, climb the ledges and climb to the top of the old tower using the grappling hook.
  • Chart #26: From the top of the tower, wingsuit across the water to the smaller tower on the other side of the bridge.

Chest #9: Barrial, Muerte Point — Southern edge of lower Ruben.

  • Chart #20: From the chest, go down and follow the left path to an old dock. The chart is located under the dock.
  • Chart #17: Instead of taking the left path, return to the fork and go on the right path. Use an explosive to blast open the rock wall. The chart is located inside the hidden cove.

Chest #10: La Joya, Dorada Cove — On the restricted zone rooftop west of Equena Bay.

  • Chart #18: From the chest, look west to the apartment buildings. One is covered in a large graffiti mural. Use the grappling hook to climb up to this rooftop.
  • Chart #21: The next chart is on the apartment building to the north, closest to the water.

Chest #11: Sierra Pendura, Nueva Vida — At the small settlement on the southern beach of Canto De Paso Laggoon.

  • Chart #14: On the north shore of the lagoon, swim across and collect it from the side of the white shed.
  • Chart #30: From the shed, follow the ruined dock and reach the western shore of the lagoon. There’s a second small dock structure with a chart.

Chest #12: Sierra Perdida, Savannah Fields — On the north shore of Higado Lake.

  • Chart #7: Go to the old shack building to the west of the chest.
  • Chart #27: And another shack on the hill nearby.

Chest #13: Conoco, Concepcion — On a tall rooftop in the north of town.

  • Chart #5: There’s an courtyard north of the chest. Drop down and look in a building to the right.
  • Chart #24: Go to the northeast corner of town on the courtyard rooftop. On the roof, there’s a building with an accessible door.

Chest #14: Esperanza, West Lado — Siete Pajaros Apartments.

  • Chart #8: Around the corner from the chest, climb the ladder and follow the markers. It is pinned to the handrail near a zipline.
  • Chart #15: Ride the zipline and climb the vines.

Chest #15: Esperanza, Old Pueblo — South of the square in the northeast corner of the city. On the rooftop directly opposite the Old Pueblo.

  • Chart #11: Face the Old Pueblo and take the right rooftop path to jump onto a balcony.
  • Chart #2: Enter through the nearby door, cross the scaffolding inside the old ruined building, and exit to a ramp facing another tall apartment building. Jump across to the roof to collect your reward.

That’s all the chests! They contain random rewards, so just enjoy the extra materials, cash, and gear you might get.

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