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Instead of companions, you’ll be able to unlock friendly animal amigos in Far Cry 6. These creatures don’t get in your way, and they’ll fight to the death to protect you. Each animal companion has a different role and abilities — Boom Boom can retrieve loot from defeated enemies, while the all-powerful Oluso can strike from the shadows and makes enemy bodies literally disappear. There are five different animal companions, and some of them are practically Easter eggs. Boom Boom is a returning Boomer from Far Cry 5, thankfully smuggled to safety. There are other cute, bonkers animals to unlock. So here’s how to get them as soon as you complete the tutorial.

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How To Unlock Guapo, The Crocodile

Guapo is an angry croc with the ability to mangle guards and take loads of damage in a firefight. Guapo heals fast and self-revives when downed. Guapo is a Combat Amigo.

Guapo is unlocked automatically in the story, after completing “Meeting the Monterros” mission. You can’t miss him!

How To Unlock Chorizo, The Cute Puppy

Chorizo is an adorable tiny dog with prosthetic wheels to help him get around. He’s a Stealth Amigo. His starting ability allows Chorizo to distract guards.

Travel to Monterro Farm and look for the Chorizo near the entrance. His dog house is near the path to the center building. Interact with Chorizo to begin the mission “Who’s a Good Boy?” — you’ll need to read the note, then travel to the Yaran Crocodile Hunting Spot. Collect croc meat, and start the second mission “Fetch Quest” to gain Chorizo as a companion.

How To Unlock Boom Boom, The Dog

Boom Boom is the return of Boomer from Far Cry 5. A US import, Boom Boom will steal weapons and loot dead bodies for you. Boom Boom is a Stealth amigo.

Travel to Camp Maximas (Guerilla Camp) in Balaceras. In the middle of camp near all the NPC vendors, look for a pole with a note pinned to it. Read the note to begin “Boom Or Bust” — go to Feroza and find the blue shipping container on the train tracks in the depot. Break it open to gain Boom Boom.

How To Unlock Chicharron, The Rooster

A powerful rooster companion, Chicharron is one of the trickier amigos to unlock. Chicharron is a Combat Amigo.

Travel to Sierra Perdida and reach the location listed below — it is in the middle of nowhere. Begin the “Man’s Best Enemy” quest, then continue to complete all the quests in this chain to finally unlock Chicharron as a permanent amigo.

Travel to this location to begin the Chicharron questline.

How To Unlock Oluso, The Black Panther

Oluso is the most mystical amigo you can unlock — a literal beast from the shadows. This mythical creature causes bodies to disappear after attacking. Oluso is a Stealth Amigo.

To unlock, travel to Oluwa Cave on Quito island, at the Ventura Summit. (Check the location in the picture below.) Travelling into the cave and examining the strange markings will begin the “Triada Blessings” quest. Three Treasure Hunt locations will be marked on your map. Travel to all three locations, collect the idols, then return them all to this cave. For completing it, you’ll unlock Olusa (Black Panther Amigo), an X-Ray vision Supremo that marks all enemies, and a unique Resolver weapon you can only get by completing this quest.

Oluwa Cave is located here in Quito.

And that’s all the amigos! Which is your favorite? Personally, I’ve got to go with the Black Panther. I’m all about stealth, and Oluso is the ultimate stealth amigo.

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