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One of the best rewards you can find in Far Cry 6 is hidden in Oluwo Cave, on Quito Island. By completing a hidden quest here, you’ll gain three powerful rewards — a Supremo Super Weapon that marks all nearby enemies automatically, a unique gun that can shoot through walls, and a stealth Black Panther amigo that’ll take everyone down from the shadows. This is absolutely one of the coolest little quests in the game, so if you don’t want to miss out, here’s what you need to know.

Far Cry 6 isn’t afraid to court the ridiculous, and with the new Supremo Super Weapons, you can truly go nuts on the evil forces of this game’s latest dictator villain. The Supremo weapons can self-revive you, launch a barrage of rockets like a backpack mortar, or (in this case) mark every enemy with no input from you. That’ll make clearing outposts about a million times easier, and Olusa the Black Panther is incredibly good at doing just that. If you’re looking for a semi-mystical spin on the standard amigo, you’ll absolutely want to unlock this spectral shadow panther.

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Triada Blessing | Relic Quest Guide

To begin the special Triade Treasure Hunts, travel to Quito island and enter Oluwo Cave. Here, you’ll find a unique Treasure Hunt quest that gives you special stealth rewards, a new weapon, and the Black Panther Amigo.

  • How To Get Started: Travel to Quito and enter Oluwo Cave — it is on the Gran Guerrero Mogotes. Take the road north travelling west from Acunana Farmland and you’ll pass right by the cave.

Inside the cave, you’ll find an altar that requires three relics. Looking at the relic icon will reveal three Treasure Hunts on your map. Each of the treasure hunts will give you a relic — return the relics to the altar to earn your real rewards.

  • Triada Relic Rewards: Return the relics to the cave, and you’ll earn the following rewards.
    • Triador Stealth Supremo: Marks all enemies in cover.
    • La Varita Resolver Weapon: Can shoot through walls when enemies are marked with the Triador Stealth Supremo.
    • Olusa, Black Panther Amigo: After collecting the treasure, Olusa a spectral panther will appear! Defeat it and it will join you as a stealthy companion.

Ida’s Triada Relic | Treasure Hunt Guide

  • Location: Luzania, Dos Monjas Mogote

Use the grappling hook to climb into the cliffside cave. Follow the white chalk markers — at the top, use the hook again to lower into the cave, and prepare to complete some zipline puzzles. You’ll need to drop off the zipline mid-zip. Its a long, grueling cave packed with challenges.

Oku’s Triada Relic | Treasure Hunt Guide

  • Location: Cruz Del Salvador, Arroz Flatlands — Located in Fort Oro.

Beware this spooky haunted castle. Inside, the glass will shatter on the mirror, revealing a button. Hit it to open a door with another set of buttons — and try to ignore the flashing TV screens and other ghostly goings-on. Use the piano upstairs, then grab the dungeon key from the hidden room. Go through the dungeon, exit and reach the back of the estate. Grapple hook down into the hole, and jump to the shrine.

  • Reward: Oku Triada Relic
    • You can also find an alternate chest in the underground shrine with the Oku’s Deliverance Leg Gear.

Mimo Abosi’s Relic | Treasure Hunt Guide

  • Location: La Juya, Catalina Ridge — McKay Global Drill Site D.

At the old worksite, pull the cord from the generator outside the mine, and collect the keycard from the dead worker. Swim through the water, then hit the button to your left to jump down the shaft. Down below, you’ll find the relic spewing poison under the tree in the large cavern.

  • Reward: Mimo Abosi Triada Relic

Return all three relics to collect your rewards and become a truly insane stealth guerilla.

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