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Why walk when you can fly in Far Cry 6. The wingsuit makes a welcome return to the series, alongside mainstay tools like the grappling hook and parachute. The wingsuit lets you soar through the Yara sky much faster than the parachute, and unlocking it also gives you a secondary ability — with the wingsuit, you can now also fast travel to locations with the Air Drop command, hopping from an airplane and out into the wilderness. This is my preferred method for infiltration, and gives you a great overhead view of the area. And it makes stealth infiltration just that much easier. Just try to avoid slamming into the ground at high speed.

How To Unlock The Wingsuits, Fast Travel & Airdrops

To unlock some of your most important upgrades, you’ll need to leave the tutorial zone (Isla Santuario) then travel to any Guerilla Camp with building slots. At Guerilla Camps, you can construct facilities to unlock upgrades and other useful features.

  • How To Unlock Wingsuits & Fast Travel: Purchase the Hideout Network (30 Metal / 30 Gasoline) from the Foreman to unlock access to Wingsuits and fast travel hideout locations.
    • Talk to the Chief Scout at the Guerilla Camp to purchase hideout locations to fast travel.

Once you have the Wingsuit Tool, you can glide faster through the sky without the parachute. You can also Air Drop onto locations to speed up on-foot travelling.

  • How To Perform Air Drops: Once you unlock Fast Travel, you can choose to “Air Drop” with the wingsuit equipped. From the map, cursor over the location and select Air Drop to appear in the sky and glide from this location.
    • Very handy for traversing to nearby checkpoints or other locations you want to reach from the sky.

These methods return from previous Far Cry games. Flying from the sky is just one benefit of the Wingsuit — when you spawn, you can travel pretty dang far without alerting guards. Great for stealth infiltrations. I recommend getting the Hideout Network first once you’ve unlocked your first Guerilla Camp.

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