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Far Cry 6 is nearly out, but fortunately for fans, there’s been an embargo lift to media outlets and online influencers. As a result, we’re getting more footage of the gameplay and, with it, some new details. For instance, I bet you didn’t think cockfighting minigames would be available in the latest Far Cry game. In the previous television advertisement, we got a look at a punk rooster who escaped the cockfighting ring. Finally, however, you can join into battle with hopes of winning some quick cash.

The footage comes from YouTube channel Centerstrain01. With it, we get a look at cockfighting, where our protagonist can join in the fight. It’s not a random select the rooster you want to see win and hopes the game spits out a victory either. Ubisoft put some thought into this game and made it an actual fighting minigame. Players here will select a rooster, and from there, you’ll enter the battle. We’re uncertain right now if there is a way to unlock more roosters and any attributes that differ between them.

Regardless, this minigame puts players in control of the rooster, where you’ll have a few different attacks to use to your advantage. We’re not expecting anything advance here, but it does provide a means to win some in-game currency. Again, perhaps the better you get at this game could mean higher rewards or new roosters. For now, we’re working on limited information. Although, that won’t be for long.

Right now, Far Cry 6 is set to launch on October 7, 2021. So tomorrow, everyone will get a chance to dive into this game for themselves. But, of course, we did see a report from DSO Gaming that showcased some potential poor optimization for the PC platform of Far Cry 6. So tomorrow, if you’re interested in the game, you can pick up a copy on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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