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Far Cry 6 is a brand new video game release. It’s also one of the FPS titles that fans have been anticipating. Developed and released under Ubisoft, there are bound to be plenty of hidden Easter eggs to uncover. However, fans found one Easter egg in the wild that’s proving to be problematic. It looks like our protagonist Dani Rojas has experienced a few unexpected deaths by participating in a move found in Ubisoft’s other heavy hitter, Assassin’s Creed.

We’re still bound to see more Easter eggs pop up from Far Cry 6. However, fans quickly spotted a platform at a considerable height. Naturally, this is a reference from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise. Within Assassin’s Creed, players can perform a move called the Leap of Faith. This is done when you’re on a big tower with a ledge. There is usually a pile of hay on the ground in which you can jump off and land safely in the hay. During so, there’s an iconic eagle screech. This is the setup in the Easter egg found in Far Cry 6.

Within the Cayo Seguro Peninsula, there is a platform that Dani can go up to, visibly see a pile of hay on the ground with an eagle screech. This has prompted several players to jump below onto the hay pile. Unfortunately, the result is Dani’s quick death. It’s a bit comical seeing the setup, and chances are Ubisoft knew this would be discovered for a more realistic result from jumping at that height to a pile of hay. So now players are starting to warn others not to make the jump.

You can check out the footage above from a Reddit post that shows how the platform looks and the result of jumping. Reddit user SarumanTheSack also made note that instinct just took over. Other viewers commented below, saying that this was a missed opportunity to bring out a funny achievement unlock for attempting the move. In other news regarding Far Cry 6, the developers have been called out by PETA for including a cockfighting minigame. Now a petition urges the studio to remove the minigame through a future update.


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