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Far Cry 6’s Season Pass, which we already know to feature some of the series’ most memorable villains, will apparently also show parts of the older games from their perspective. A new interview with the developer suggests we’ll be revisiting classic Far Cry locations, but will see them through the villains’ eyes, for better or worse.

Speaking with Bandwagon, Far Cry 6’s Content Director Omar Bouali described the plan for the game’s season pass, among other things. While gamers already knew the Season Pass would feature the villains of previous Far Cry titles — Vaas, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed, specifically — it wasn’t exactly clear what their DLCs would feature. According to Bouali: “The Team all agreed we should be doing something with the villains. But we needed a little twist for it to be memorable. So what if we played as them, seeing how it feels to be Vaas, Pagan Min, or The Father? To really get inside their mind. We could see their perspective through iconic moments from the previous games, but also to get to know more about them and their backstories.”

Bouali also added: “We really wanted the players to revisit those iconic locations from Rook Island (FC3), Kyrat (FC4), and Hope County (FC5). But what was more important to us is to revisit them through the villain’s perspective. We tried to portray the personality of each of the villains in their own twisted worlds: Vaas being the madman, Pagan Min who is more of a narcissist, and Joseph Seed the prophet… Being inside their mind also means that you will hear them commenting on what’s happening, with their own personality.”

In addition to the Season Pass, Bouali added that the game is in the “closing phase,” meaning the team is almost finished with the game and are fixing any lingering issues. Bouali also added that, while Far Cry 6 offered players a guerilla fantasy, it will also have its quieter moments. Dani Rojas, the player character, can go fishing for example. He added that players can also expect another killer soundtrack.


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