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We got a new look at the story of Far Cry 6 in the trailer revealed at the Gamescom Opening Night Live event. The trailer shows more of all the characters who will play a big role in the game, most especially the hero and villain of the game. We also got a glimpse of some of the game’s crazy action gameplay.

At the center of the trailer is the villainy of Anton Castillo, the latest in the series’ line of colorful villains. According to the trailer, Castillo has a stranglehold on the people of Yara, using them as slave labor to make something called “Vivero.” He does look pretty villainous in the trailer, attempting to intimidate both his son Diego and a reporter who’s trying to question him about his past. As he says at the end of the trailer: “There are lions. There are lambs. Rule or be lambs. You are a lion. And we eat the f-cking lambs.”

We also got a glimpse of hero Dani Rojas, whose motivation appears to be to leave Yara, but instead they get sucked into rebel movement Libertad, which aims to depose and possibly kill Castillo. Some of the game’s side characters, including the leaders of Libertad, also appear alongside Dani. We’ll have to see what role they play in Castillo’s downfall.

There’s not as much gameplay in the trailer as there have been in previous trailers, most notably the E3 showcase. However, we did get to see a bit of Dani wreaking havoc on the forces of Castillo across Yara, including apparently hijacking a TV network and using their back-mounted rocket launcher. It’s very, very Far Cry. We also know from previous shows that the game will feature animal companions that include a hungry alligator and a chihuahua in a wheelchair named Chorizo.

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