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The Far Cry franchise is a massive one, and fans can’t get enough of the series. Overall the series takes players to different locations. However, there is always a big over the top villain to face. So what better way to bring out the next installment than by adding on an actor known for his presence as several notable villains? As you are all likely aware, Far Cry 6 will feature actor Giancarlo Esposito as the main antagonist.

In a recent trailer release, Ubisoft presents Giancarlo Esposito, channels his inner Anton Castillo to deliver a message. This short video features Giancarlo alerting players that he does not plan on disappointing when it comes to the trend of being an iconic villain. From there, we get little taunts about how players will be their next adversary. We know that this game installment will be putting players into the role of guerrilla fighters.

The game is set on a fictional Caribbean island called Yara. With El Presidente Anton Castillo overseeing the island and its people, the land is no longer a peaceful, safe haven. Instead, Anton is ruling the country with an iron fist as he throws his power around the world. Holding a new drug that can treat cancer, Yara has become a powerful nation and one that other nations will likely strike deals with.

Players will be seeking to overthrow his reign. Using an assortment of makeshift weapons, our protagonist Dani Rojas will have an uphill battle to go against. Fortunately, this is not the only trailer Giancarlo is featured into hype up the game. Another trailer offers a few of his favorite gameplay tips and tricks. This ranges from the different weapons available to the wildlife that could come in handy.

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