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Far Cry fans have been eagerly awaiting October this year. We finally got our hands on the latest installment to the IP. Far Cry 6 has players going through a brutal regime set in a fictional Caribbean island called Yara. Players here are taking the role of a guerilla fighter trying to rid the country of the evil dictator El Presidente Anton Castillo. While fans are still going through the game and finding interesting easter eggs, it looks like we might have rumors of what’s coming next. 

For Far Cry fans, it looks like Ubisoft may be changing the franchise’s direction in the future. These are extremely early details that are not official. Right now, it’s safe to label this just as a rumor, but this comes from a report made by Axios. This publication reported that a source about Far Cry 7 has also suggested Ubisoft wants to make the next installment more online-oriented. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything more than that right now. 

Still, this news might not be that surprising to some fans. Ubisoft has already unveiled Assassin’s Creed Infinity which is a live service game. We don’t have much information on that title just yet, either. So things could be iffy for players that want to enjoy this game as a single-player experience. If this is an online service game, then it might mean having more players join the gameplay. Likewise, it might also mean those that are dealing with poor internet speeds or no internet, in general, will find that this next installment could be useless to them.

Again, this is only a report and not anything officially stated. How well Far Cry 6 ends up being could sway the developers over at Ubisoft to hold off drastic changes. Right now, fans can enjoy Far Cry 6. This title is available for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. You can also check out our Before You Buy coverage in the video embedded above.


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