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The FIFA series is adding a feature long requested by fans: The chance to create your own club in the game’s Career Mode. You’ll be able to select their name and nickname, pick a rival club, and replace an existing team in a league. Not only has Manager Career received this update, but the Player Career has had some new features added as well.

To find out what all the new updates are, check out the latest Pitch Notes from EA Sports, because there’s a finer detail I can’t fit in here, but it begins with, “In FIFA 22, you now have the ability to create your own team in Manager Career, which is something I know a lot of you have been passionately requesting over the years.” The notes go on to list what you can do to customize your new club, selecting things like the club’s preset nickname (which the commentators will use during matches), customizing the stadium, and changing your board priorities.

The notes also list the updates that are coming to Player Career. Among these are the ability to come on as a sub at the start of your career, manager rating, new story moments that “better celebrate achievements and career milestones,” a perks system, and even cinematic cutscenes showing the attitude of the players in the dressing room after each match. Again, check the notes because there’s a lot more than I can talk about here.

The reactions I’ve seen online from FIFA fans have been a bit mixed. While several seem excited to try out the new changes, others are less impressed. Some have pointed out that the improvements are just those in the Pro Clubs mode, only moved to the single-player mode, with little improvements made. Others are reserving judgment until they see it in action, which is probably the smartest thing to do.


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