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The latest news on the upcoming FIFA 22? That you’re going to be able to take away one of the most irritating weapons for other players to use against you. When playing Ultimate Teams, you’ll be able to turn off celebrations so that you won’t have to be annoyed by what your opponent does after a victory, instead focusing on your own team. The game is closing in on its release date of October 1 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Up to now, celebrations have been a prime tactic for annoying opponents in FIFA titles, as they are something everyone is forced to watch after a score. EA’s already had to remove a couple of their celebrations, as they were a major source of toxicity within the community. Now FIFA 22 will give you a toggle option that will mean you won’t have to watch celebrations — though one wonders if the opposing player will be aware that you can’t see what they’re trying to taunt you with.

As for what players will do instead of watching the celebrations, the view will switch to viewing your own team’s reactions to the goal instead. Presumably, that won’t be much better — I can’t imagine their reactions to the opposing team scoring will be very favorable — but at least you’re not giving your opponent free rein to annoy you.

The pitch notes for this news say: “Conceding a goal is always heartbreaking, especially in a closely fought match. While celebrations are an important part of real world football, we know watching them can be a frustrating experience for some players… By default [the Celebration Camera Focus settings] will be set to “Opponent Celebrations.” Changing this setting will affect every mode in FIFA 22, not just FUT.” Other changes include a reduction of the weekly match requirements for the Division Rivals mode, with the devs aiming to “Provide more transparent progression so you know where you stand in a Division and what you need to do to earn promotion and rewards.”


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