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There are plenty of anticipated fans waiting on Final Fantasy VII Remake to make its way onto other platforms. Since it was released, this game has remained on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms. That has left Xbox console owners and PC players waiting for any shred of news regarding future ports. For a long time now, it’s been believed that Final Fantasy VII Remake would come to the PC platform. There was a leak that suggested the game would be launching exclusively for the Epic Games Store marketplace.

That leak was labeled as a rumor since we didn’t have any official word on the matter. However, it’s now being looked at again. Despite leaking out earlier this year, so many fans are reflecting on it because of Alan Wake Remastered. This game was also leaked alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake as an exclusive to the Epic Games Store, but it wasn’t confirmed. Today that changes as Alan Wake Remastered had officially been unveiled with Epic Games Store having the game for PC players.

Since this game was officially confirmed, perhaps we’ll soon see Final Fantasy VII Remake also confirmed. Of course, this might be a bit of a bummer for fans that wanted to play this game through other digital marketplace clients like Steam. Regardless, after having to wait since April of 2020, I’m sure some fans would be more than happy to finally get their hands on the video game no matter what particular storefront it’s locked behind.

I’m sure you already know it, but Final Fantasy VII Remake is not the entire game. Instead, since this title is so large, the remake only covers a part of the game, with additional parts coming out in the future. Unfortunately, we don’t know just when the next game part will hit the marketplace. Likewise, we’re interested in finding out if future parts will also see time exclusive deals again for PlayStation. To better understand how Final Fantasy VII Remake handles, I suggest checking out our Before You Buy episode upload above. After all, this is not a traditional turn-based RPG anymore. However, keep in mind that this is footage for the PlayStation 4 release.


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