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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will launch for iOS and Android in November, Square Enix announced. Pre-registration will open in October.

Here are the latest details announced during the Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online Special Live Stream:

  • Controller Support – Connect your phone to a monitor and it feels like you’re playing on a console! Play comfortably even if you’re not great with virtual pads!
  • Training Mode Added – You’ll be able to access a special training map to practice and experiment with various weapons, materia, and styles!
  • Tutorial Revamped – The revamped tutorial will be split into two parts: one that covers basic controls, and one that covers rules of battle and general gameplay flow.
  • Collection Feature Added – The piece exchange system that beta participants enjoyed, but bigger & better! Gather pieces from monsters, secret boxes, etc. and exchange them for items! Items available will be updated every season!
  • New Style: Ninja – This style is focused on mobility! It utilizes a shuriken for melee combat and allows for some sneaky combat tactics. It can turn invisible with its “Hide” ability and move in for covert attacks.

If you missed it, read more about the game and watch the Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online trailer here.

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