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Given that I no longer play Fortnite regularly, I often have to be reminded how weird this game can be. The newest “thing” is that the map apparently has Cubes again. And it’s not just Kevin we have to worry about this time. Apparently, we have a whole bunch of Cubes, and they’re not only moving but multiplying. Does that sound terrifying to anyone but me? Regardless, Fortnite fans are eagerly following the Cubes’ progress, to see what they do next.

It’s not a surprise that Fortnite fans and leakers are obsessively tracking the Cubes’ movements, as they are very keen observers of all things that happen on the map. This season’s event is just called “Cubed,” so we already knew the Cubes were going to play a big role. They were apparently used to power the alien mothership last season, and the events there have left them on the island to apparently roam free and terrorize everyone.

Players have begun tracking the movements of the Cubes in a big megathread over on Reddit. According to the Cube trackers, the Golden Cube is roaming the map looking for the Purple Cubes, and when it finds them, it activates some kind of energy beam that “awakens” the Purple Cubes, which shortly thereafter spawn more Cubes. I don’t know where this is going, but it’s filling me with some type of dread. The trackers continue to monitor the situation.

I’m not sure what all this Cube movement and multiplication is leading up to, but knowing Fortnite, it’s going to be weird and fun. The final prize in this season’s battle pass is the Carnage symbiote, which seems like an odd choice for such an otherwise kid-friendly adventure — an alien entity spawned from the mind of a serial killer, but hey, maybe I’m taking this all just a bit too seriously.


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