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Fortnite’s new Imposters Mode is out now, and it really is just Among Us in Fortnite. You have tasks to complete, someone is an Imposter, and you can pause the game for discussions to decide who to vote out. Even if you’re killed / voted out, you can still complete tasks around the level for bonus rewards. But the trickiest part of any Imposters Mode is avoiding being suspicious (aka SUS) and we’ve got a few tips to make your imposter job a little easier. If you don’t want to be sus, you’ve got to use some serious psychological tricks on your foes.

Let’s start with a straight up easy tip. This game mode rewards you with 10,000 XP. That makes it one of the best modes for grinding and earning XP — seriously, it might not last forever, so get in your grinding now.

#1: Sabotage The Portal Rift

Here’s an easy method for kills. If you score a kill near the rift portal after sabotaging it, you can quickly teleport away. Then you’ll be far, far away from the body before anyone discovers it — but, hanging out around those portals is probably going to be a meta tell for spotting imposters in the future. Still, this is a pretty great way to go for an easy and safe takedown early on.

#2: Don’t Wear A Threatening Skin

Psychology is important in Among Us. There’s a reason why the little red guy in Among Us gets voted out so often — red is the color of blood! So, don’t use red skins. Don’t select mean looking skins either. Venom? That’s a big no! Heck, choosing any skins the community doesn’t like (Sterling? King Crab? Don’t even try.) are going to put you on someone’s bottom tier list. Your best bet is using an anonymous, forgettable skin… which is also pretty sus, but you’ll just have to deal with it. Play mind games and select the default.

#3: Report Kills, Don’t Let Anyone See You Kill & Don’t Say Nothing

The most important aspects of Among Us / Imposters Mode. If you don’t want to be sus, you need to play along like you’re just one of the crew. Run around pretending to complete tasks. Don’t sabotage anything. Don’t let anyone see you sabotage, and especially don’t let anyone see you score kills. If you do see another Imposter getting a kill, make sure to report it — you’ll look like a good guy! (And don’t bother with visual sounds. Everyone, including other Imposters, will appear as enemies.)

Even if you are spotted, keep your big mouth SHUT during emergency meetings. Don’t accuse others too strongly — accusations just make you look more suspicious. Accusing others randomly won’t work. And if someone saw you? Just deny it casually. Usually your accuser will end up getting more votes than you. If your accuser does reveal themselves… just hunt them down and kill them after the meeting. Problem solved!


Here’s an annoying feature of Imposters Mode that hopefully gets patched out ASAP. Right now, players are able to join Imposter with premade teams instead of purely solo. That means players can communicate with each other and totally cheat the system, having their own private chat so they can protect (or easily expose) the imposter. There is absolutely no way this lasts, or at least, it shouldn’t last. This is one of the small ways Imposters Mode is kind of a weird rip on Among Us — it copies Among Us without understanding why that game works.

#5: Don’t Look Too Closely During Meetings (FOR CHEATERS ONLY)

Another annoying oversight in Imposters Mode appears briefly after calling a meeting. Briefly at the beginning of the meeting cutscene, the Imposter model will be visibly carrying a Loop Gun in their hands. This instantly gives away the imposter and makes it impossible to hide — but it only seems to appear after the Imposter has made a kill. If you haven’t done any kills yet, you’re safe… but usually players call meetings after a death. Hopefully nobody notices… or Epic has come around to fix this ridiculously blatant bug.

Fortnite’s Among Us mode isn’t quite 100% yet, but that’s all the tips we’ve got after a day of play. Let us know why we’re incredibly wrong, and we might just update this article with more sus tips!

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