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Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale video games available. This free-to-play video game title continues to find a massive audience of players readily jumping into the game daily. Likewise, because of its immense popularity, the development team has made several crossover events happen. As a result, we’ve seen just about every media medium get featured in Fortnite in some shape or fashion.

Whether it’s movies, music, television shows, sports athletes, to other video games, crossovers in Fortnite are common. Of course, it’s always exciting to see just what will be popping up in Fortnite next, but dataminers might have a hard time figuring out what’s coming in advance. Usually, datamining has allowed some files to emerge online before their official unveiling. That has led countless crossovers to get unveiled ahead of time, but now it looks like Epic Games is changing things up a bit. Instead of allowing dataminers to get away with their reveals, they have started to troll them with fake files.

According to insider FNBRUnreleased on Twitter, sources claimed Epic Games would leave game files as a joke to troll leakers. This claim potentially means some of the characters and IPs discovered as potential new crossovers might not be authentic. Among the latest list of potential crossovers includes the popular animated television series Family Guy. There was plenty of hype online when fans noticed a file suggesting Peter Griffin would potentially be up for a crossover release.

The datamine came from a recent leaked survey asking about influencers potentially popping up in Fortnite. Of course, now that Epic might be trolling leakers, it can be tough to determine just what files are legitimate.  At any rate, this could also gauge how excited some players might be over specific IPs and character files, even if they are fake. We might have seen this already with the debunked Among Us crossover hype.


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