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Fortnite is a massive game, and at this point, just about everyone knows what it is. Years ago, the title that helped blow up the battle royale genre is still very much a massively popular game. There is seemingly nothing that will slow this game down. However, there is a legal battle between Epic Games Store and Apple. Without going too far down into that rabbit hole, the legal action has to do with in-game purchases and if Apple has a right to take a percentage of the money the game makes.

Thanks to this legal battle, several documents popped up online. One of the small tidbits of information that came out during this legal back and forth was an open-world RPG based on Fortnite. Not a ton of information came from this file as you can imagine. This has left fans to speculate on what an open world Fortnite RPG would be like. However, it’s believed that this game is still in the works, which has some fans anticipating some new exciting details. Today, a prominent Fortnite insider and leaker came out with a new file discovered within the game.

This file is only an image, but it doesn’t indicate anything we can expect right now from the game. Instead, it looks like new weapons and even a landmark. The insider that goes by the name HypeX tweeted out to their followers what their assumption is. Apparently, this image could potentially be from the upcoming open-world RPG that was leaked several months ago. But, of course, that’s not official, so it’s only a rumor at this point.

Regardless, if this rumor proves to be accurate, then this could very well be our first look at the open-world Fortnite RPG. Now the big question is, what exactly would an open-world Fortnite game offer fans. While we wait for those official details to come, players might have slightly more disappointing news regarding Fortnite. Recently, after rumors suggested Fortnite would be receiving a crossover event with Among Us, the developers behind the hit deception game debunked the supposed leak.


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