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Fortnite has held countless crossover events. We’ve seen skins for all kinds of movies, television series, music artists, sports athletes, the list goes on and on. However, we might find the next skin reveal to be on legendary film actor Will Smith. The actor has portrayed characters from many popular films such as Bad Boys, Men In Black, and I Am Legend. Of course, that’s just naming a few titles from an incredibly long list. Still, for fans wondering just what the future may hold for this actor, it could be that he’ll be duking it out with other famous characters within the free-to-play battle royale title.

This is not confirmed yet as all we have are leaked images. The images, in particular, show off Will Smith’s Bad Boys character design. Regardless, there’s nothing out yet from Epic Games confirming that this skin is coming out into the marketplace. Additionally, we haven’t seen any variant skin leaks either. There’s another reason to be extra cautious about this potential leak.

If you don’t recall, a past leak character design for Fortnite was of Family Guy’s Peter Griffin. However, it turned out that this file was left in by Epic Games to troller leakers. So we very well could be finding more leaked character designs popping up that is nothing more than a false image to fool fans online. Still, Fortnite has experienced crossover events with just about everything there is. One of which is an unofficial crossover with another popular IP.

Among Us developers recently debunked a rumor suggesting that they would be doing a crossover with Fortnite. While there was no interaction with Epic Games, it turns out the studio ended up featuring Among Us in their game without necessarily crediting the title. Instead, there’s a makeshift impostor game that has the same terminology. The community director for Among Us development studio Inner Sloth has recently expressed her disappointment over the lack of an official collaboration.


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