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Fortnite might soon be getting a new limited-time mode centered around spotting an imposter, or mole, among a multiplayer party. If that sounds similar to Among Us, that’s because it is. We know that it won’t be an official crossover, if indeed there is such a mode in the works at all. But all the same, some tweets showing official images are looking kinda sus.

The alleged tease comes via the official Fortnite Twitter. Several recent tweets have fueled the recent speculation, and the most recent ones are a tweet showing a very graffiti-ed Battle Bus, which says, “We’re on a tight schedule. Scrub that Battle Bus, Agent!” Another from a few hours later shows a panel of security monitors with the caption, “Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?” None of this is a smoking gun, per se, but tasks like scrubbing the Battle Bus and watching security cameras would not be out of place in an Among Us-like game.

In addition to the tweets, there have been a few leakers who have spotted details in the game that support the theory that this LTM is on the way. Most recently, a leaker called HYPEX tweeted about finding details in the game’s files that hinted at this mode, including, “A thing in the files called “Mole” (Imposter) and it has these keywords related to it: Electrical, Cafeteria, Tasks, Sabotage, Factory, Repair, Lab, Visitor CSI, Weapons Lab, Island Monitoring, Security, The Loop.” Several of those keywords will be familiar to anyone who’s played Among Us.

Inner Sloth has denied, via the Among Us Twitter, that an official crossover between the two games is coming. But that’s not to say an Among Us-style mode isn’t in the works. It wouldn’t be the first time Fortnite pulled a mode from a popular multiplayer game, as I’m sure the developers of PUBG would agree.


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