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Frostpunk was an indie game that launched back in 2018. Developed by 11 bit studios, the game turned out to be a massive hit. Now for fans that enjoyed the first game and its DLC, you can expect a sequel to be coming out sometime in the future. Today we’re finding out that Frostpunk 2 was announced, and if you missed the trailer, you could catch it in the video embedded above. Unfortunately, since this game was just unveiled, we don’t have too much information on what to expect.

Still, we do have a premise. If you don’t recall, the first game was a society survival game. Players took control as a city leader where they attempted to build up a sanctuary during a bizarre frozen apocalypse. Here survival was based around a giant generator that requires resources to power up and supply heat. From there, it’s a battle to find more resources, build the city up, appeal to the citizens, explore the area, and further expand. Although, there are a ton of tough moral choices you’ll need to decide upon.

Depending on the choices you make could determine a thriving city or a quick execution to the protagonist. Now a sequel is being developed. So far, we know that the game is set 30 years after the events of Frostpunk. Once again, we’re dealing with a volcanic winter storm. But rather than finding coal to power a generator, the new means of energy comes from oil. Developers will once again put players into the ruler of a metropolis that desperately needs heat, medicine, food, and other supplies. Although, there will be new factions and conflicts that will pop up.

It’s bound to be challenging to keep everyone happy, so be prepared to walk on eggshells as you attempt to keep away from an early death. Just as before, if expectations are not met by the citizens, then you could be exiled. As you can imagine, it’s tough being a leader where countless lives are at stake. But, for now, you can check out the latest trailer while we wait for an official release date announcement.


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