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Genshin Impact is having its latest event, the charming Moonlight Merriment event. Set in Liyue’s Moonchase festival, the event features a number of different quests, split into three separate stages. It just started today and it runs through October 11. Out of the three stages, the only one currently available to play is “Path of the Stalwart Stone,” though players will be able to play the next two stages, “Path of Gentle Breezes” and “Path of Austere Frost,” later in the event.

One of the activities the players can participate in is the Moonlight Seeker challenge, which involves looking for collectibles like the Mystmoon Chests and Moonchase Charms. Completing the quest in any specific area will net players multiple rewards, including primogems and other materials. To find them, you have to speak to Linyang in Liyue Harbor for clues, though there are also maps online if you want to cut to the chase. Completing this section will get the player the Luxurious Sea Lord claymore.

The next part of the event, “Path of Gentle Breezes,” will unlock on October 1. No word yet on when the final part of the event will open up, or exactly what we’re going to do in the “Path of Gentle Breezes.” Players can also play the “Trail of Delicacies” challenge, in which they’ll have to cook certain dishes in certain places — I think, I’ve been preoccupied with finding the Charms. Participating in the events will also net you Festive Fever, which you need in order to unlock the second half of the Moonlight Merriment event.

If you want to play in the Moonlight Merriment event, you’ll need to be Adventure Rank 28, and you’ll need to have completed Archon Quest Chapter 1 Part 3, “A New Star Approaches” and “Trulla Chapter: Act I – Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip.”


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