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Genshin Impact is one of the more popular free-to-play video game titles available right now. However, it’s not free from its share of problems. Fans have been vocal about when the game needs balancing or fixes. While the developers miHoYo are working on new content to add to this IP, fans are hopeful that the studio will go back and fix some problematic areas. One of those areas is a new 5-star character named Yoimiya.

While fans might have been thrilled to get this character, she’s pretty broken. There’s plenty of reports from fans online about what needs to be adjusted. A good read that you’ll want to check out is on Reddit. User PartyConfetti posted a comprehensive list of all the problems Yoimiya currently has. For both veteran players and newcomers, it’s a character that looked quite promising for DPS, but that’s not the case. Instead, this character is likely something to be quite rare to use.

Players that use Yoimiya will find that she’s missing quite a few of her shots. Likewise, you’ll find that while she can use a bow, but the range doesn’t offer much protection. Furthermore, when using attacks, the hits don’t knock enemies back so they will still come towards the character for an attack. This is where it leads to the biggest problem for so many players. If you’re looking to get the most damage from Yoimiya, then you’ll need to use a string of combos. The problem is that when players move at all, this will disrupt the combo. As you can imagine, that’s quite a frustration for players who will have to restart the attack all over again to string out the most amount of damage.

Still, there are reports of her attacks missing despite even having a target lock. We’re uncertain if the developers will end up giving Yomiya an update. Perhaps with enough feedback circulating online, this could sway miHoYo to give the character update some consideration. For now, it looks like Yoimiya might be a character worth setting aside for now.


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