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Shortly after announcing her, MiHoYo has rolled out the latest 5-star character banner in Genshin Impact: Sangonomiya Kokomi, the high priestess of Watatsumi Island and the leader of the Resistance against the Raiden Shogun. She plays a major role in the story of Inazuma Island, though I won’t spoil anything. Suffice to say, players have been looking forward to this character ever since she was introduced. However, not everyone is enthused about her abilities.

Kokomi rolled out to users earlier today in all regions. As part of her banner, users can also get Xinqiu, Rosaria, and Beidou, three returning 4-star characters from other regions. They might be good for users who don’t manage to get Kokomi, as each has some decent talents — Beidou shares Kokomi’s ability to reduce stamina consumption, for example. Kokomi’s character quest was also added along with the character herself.

Some players already have her, the lucky ducks, and are showing off her gameplay on YouTube and Twitch. She’s being compared with other Hydro Catalyst users like Barbara or Mona, which should give users some idea of where she fits into a good party. There is some controversy among players about her usefulness, given that healers are not as highly sought after as DPS dealers. Her passive ability is a bit questionable, as it boosts her healing rate at the cost of a very reduced critical rate.

Needless to say, her utility is not going to be a problem for the people who are fond of the character, and I can absolutely see the appeal: She looks good and her attack animations are beautiful. She also has the ability to walk on water, which doesn’t sound terribly useful, but will look cool. And I doubt she’s really all that bad, and there will be a segment of the fandom that will find her very fun to play, as seems to be the way with Genshin.


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