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New, leaked info about an upcoming update for Genshin Impact suggests that players may have four new enemies to play as. These will likely be released in the 2.2 update, as the game’s 2.1 patch has already rolled out. We don’t know a lot about what’s coming in this update, but several details have been leaked about it, including everything from characters and banners to event reruns.

The four new enemies are the Riftstalker Whelp and Riftstalker Hound, both with Electro and Geo variants. The details on them were supposedly confirmed by Honey Impact, which also has pictures of them and describes the Hound as “A beast with demonic blood that is capable of eroding the boundaries of the world. They were created by “Gold.” Once upon a time, they ran riot across the continent, but they went extinct for a time due to resistance and mass hunts. Recently, however, they have re-emerged.”

According to Genshin lore, Gold was an alchemist who at some point in history created an army of shadowy creatures from the as-yet unexplored region of Khaenri’ah. There’s a chance this could be setting us up for a visit to Khaenri’ah in the next big update (which won’t be 2.2, I can almost guarantee). The description from the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord, where this leak originated, reads: “The Riftstalker Whelp/Hound‘s attacks inflict the status of “corrosion” on its target. After receiving damage by a corresponding element, the Riftstalker Whelp/Hound enters a state of “demonic possession”, and becomes extremely aggressive at the cost of lowered elemental resistance.”

The only thing that’s been confirmed for the next update so far is the character Thoma, who’ll be one of the characters made playable. Horizon crossover character Aloy will also be made playable to users on all platforms. Other than that, it’s all rumors at the moment.


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