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Genshin Impact leakers recently held an AMA on Reddit to either confirm or reveal new details about the game moving forward, and it appears that the next region of the game will not be coming the next update, in case anyone was expecting it to be. We also got a few updates on a couple of upcoming characters, but nothing definitive on when they’ll be out.

The next region will supposedly be Sumero, the land of the Dendro Elemental ruled by Archon Kusanali. It’s one of four regions of Tevyat we have yet to explore, with the others being Fontaine, Natlan, and Snezhnaya. Each major chunk of story takes place in a new region of the land, or at least so has been the structure so far. One thing the leakers did say is that a character called Yaoyao is likely to be a Dendro Catalyst user, meaning they’re likely to be released around the same time we go to wherever Dendro users exist.

The AMA was, curiously, more about what isn’t going to come in the game rather than what allegedly is. The sum total of knowledge we gleaned from this AMA was that most characters fans are anticipating won’t be coming soon, nor is MiHoYo eager to roll out a massive new story-driven update so soon after the last one. We don’t have any new details about Scaramouche, Fu Hua, Ayato (Ayake’s brother), or most other alleged future playable characters.

Oh well, most likely the next update will be another Inazuma banner, given that we know there are still a few 4 star characters that are due to be released for the region. Most likely we’ll get at least one more major 5 star character banner with a few 4 stars thrown in, and I have no idea what happens beyond that. There are also hints we’ll finally get to see the divine island of Celestia, but the leakers couldn’t give us reliable info on that.


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