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Hard to believe Genshin Impact has already been around for a year. This gacha game practically took over during the 2020 dark ages, and now it’s become one of the most beloved MMOs in the world. It’s celebrating this anniversary by offering some rewards to users, including a customized web video that shows the events of the last year. But players are, predictably, not hugely impressed with the rewards being offered.

The web video in question is called their Anniversary Theater. According to the Genshin site, here’s how it works: “After watching your Anniversary Theater, you can set up your theater themes according to your own preferences. The theater themes that can be selected are generated based on your in-game data.” After the players share their premade Theater with someone, they will receive a Primogem reward. They can also send gifts to other players via their Theater, though I haven’t yet tested how that works because I’m selfish like that.

But how are players reacting to the anniversary rewards? They’re not pleased. Some of them are going so far as to review bomb Genshin in order to express their displeasure. The primary point of complaint seems to be that the rewards are not freely offered to all of the players, but are only offered to winners of raffles. What few things are offered to all players are considered relatively paltry by comparison.

MiHoYou has since responded to these complaints saying it plans to offer more anniversary rewards to players soon. It’s also holding an anniversary concert. Fans have said that most of the review-bombing took place because MiHoYo had previously refused to listen to fan complaints, banning users from Discord and deleting official Reddit threads on the topic. It’s also far from the only upset in the community, which has been expressing dissatisfaction with MiHoYo for some time.


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