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Sony and Sucker Punch have officially revealed the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. Not only does the Director’s Cut include the previous free updates, it also adds the rumored expansion to Iki Island as well as several other upgrades to the game. The Director’s Cut will launch on both PS5 and PS4 on August 20. You can either buy the Director’s Cut outright, upgrade the original game on PS4 to the Director’s Cut on either console, or upgrade the Director’s Cut from PS4 to PS5.

Sony revealed the new version of the game in a trailer, and confirms a few of the rumors almost casually reveals the Iki Island expansion, which had been rumored for a while. It also adds that the Director’s Cut will have the Legends multiplayer addition, as well as faster load times, 4K resolution options, and “framerates targeting 60 FPS.” Both he Director’s Cut itself and the upgrade for the original game are available to pre-order from the PlayStation Store now.

The trailer doesn’t really give any clues as to what to expect from the expansion. We see some shots of Jin exploring the island and we’re told there will be a new story, enemies, etc, but not much else. Luckily, the PlayStation blog post reveals a few more details: “In this new story, Jin travels to the island to investigate rumors of a Mongol presence. But soon, he finds himself caught up in events with deeply personal stakes that will force him to relive some traumatic moments from his past.”

Beyond the Iki Island expansion (I notice we’re not calling it “Ghost of Ikishima,” even though that’s technically what Jin will be, which I’m alright with), we’re also getting support for the DualSense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback in the PS5 version of the game. One feature we’re getting that I didn’t even know I wanted is lip sync for the Japanese vocal performances.

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