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Sucker Punch apparently has something up its sleeve, as the ESRB has just rated a “Director’s Cut” of its 2020 game Ghost of Tsushima. This new version of the game has not yet been announced by Sony, but it will apparently be available for the PS4 and PS5. A PC release for Ghost of Tsushima has been rumored, but that platform was not included in the ESRB’s rating.

The ESRB rating (“M,” same as the original game) doesn’t list any elements that are different from the original release. The only difference between the Director’s Cut listing and the one for the original game is that the former is listed as coming to the PlayStation 5 as well as the PlayStation 4. To be clear, we haven’t seen any announcements thus far that the game is going to be re-released. The original Ghost of Tsushima is currently playable on the next-gen console via its backwards compatibility.

The only additions to the game so far have been the multiplayer expansion, a next-gen graphical upgrade, and a new game plus addition, all of which were free. There haven’t been story DLCs, so I’m not sure what would be added by the so-called “Director’s Cut.” Unless, of course, there will be additions that Sony will announce at the same time as it announces the Director’s Cut. For that reason, some (including myself) are speculating that this Director’s Cut will include the rumored standalone expansion “Ghost of Ikishima.”

To be clear, Sucker Punch has not officially announced “Ghost of Ikishima” either. This expansion would release sometime this year (as would, one assumes, the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut), and would tell a story separate from that of the main game. We don’t know enough yet to speculate about either game, but we know the Director’s Cut is a real thing and we’ll hopefully be hearing about it soon.

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