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There’s always something else to collect or accomplish in open-world games like Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut:. If you’re aiming for 100%, you’ll have to search the entire island, completing jobs marked on your map or grabbing collectibles until you’ve wiped the board clean. But, there’s one side tale you won’t find on your map at all. The only way to get it marked is by talking to a very specific NPC that can appear in one of three locations on Iki Island. Below, we’ve listed all three locations to make finding this quest easier.

Iki Island is a story expansion included in the Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut on PS5. There’s an entirely new storyline for Jin to experience, with new characters and quests to experience as you fight back the Mongol Horde with a new perspective on the conflict. Iki Island is a beautiful set piece on the PS5 that adds depth to Jin’s personal journey. And if you’re eager to do everything you possibly can, you won’t want to miss this easy-to-miss side tale.

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How To Find “A Helping Hand” Hidden Side Tale

To complete all the side tales and earn the “Friend To All Raiders” trophy, you’ll have to find one particular side tale that is never marked on your map. All other side tails will be marked on your map as you progress through Iki Island. Only this quest, called “A Helping Hand” is hidden.

  • How To Begin “A Helping Hand”: You need to find an unmarked NPC at three locations and give them the materials they request. The areas aren’t marked, so you’ll need to search for him — the NPC is always near a small fire. If you don’t find him in his location, check again after fast-travelling.
    • Go to the area just slightly north of Tatsu’s Ladder, but south of Mount Takenotsuji. There’s a clearing just north of the “Ladder” marker on your map. Look in the forest for a clearing.
    • Found far east of Kidafure Battleground, closer to the west bank of Zasho River. He’s found at a small clearing in a large field of white.
    • His last possible location is west of Yahata Lighthouse, on the beach residing among some boat wreckage. Just keep travelling west from the lighthouse on the beach to find him.

Once you find (and give him materials) at all three locations, a tale will appear on your map called “A Helping Hand” — go to the NPC’s house to complete the tale. This is by far the easiest tale to miss on Iki Island. The rest will appear marked on your map or in your journal as you progress through the game. This is the only quest that you might never see. If you’re wondering why you still have one quest to complete even after clearing out the map, this is why.

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