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There are new ways to customize in the Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut — which includes the huge new Iki Island expansion. While exploring the new island, you’ll gain horse armor and can unlock a hidden vendor that can further customize it. There are two dye vendors you can unlock on Iki, and we’re going to explain how to get them both. Finding the vendors will unlock the ‘Blood On Your Hands‘ trophy if you buy something, so even trophy hunters have an excuse to fancy up your horse pal.

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Dye Vendor Guide | ‘Blood On Your Hands’ Trophy

To unlock the dye vendor to customize your armor (and horse armor) with unique colors, you’ll need to unlock them. Purchasing a dye for Sakai Horse Armor from the vendor will unlock the ‘Blood On Your Hands‘ trophy.

  • Dye Merchant Location: The Crimson Dye Vendor is located north of Zasho River and Tahata Forest, along the north banks of Tatsu’s Ladder, and just south of Mount Takenotsuji.
    • To unlock the Crimson Dye Vendor, you must complete the Hidden Cove Tournament.

The Hidden Cove Tournament is a Bokken fighting ring that unlocks as you progress through the story. The tournament is located in the cove north of Old Gambler’s Woods and west of Kitsune’s Pond. You must complete all four duels.

To earn Sakai Horse Armor, you need to complete a different quest.

  • Sakai Horse Armor Dye Location: The vendor is located at Nakajima Overlook in the southeast corner of Iki Island.
    • To gain the armor, travel to Zasho Bay on the east coast and complete the Mythic Tale “The Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai”.

This quest requires you to find 6 Sakai banners scattered around Iki Island. There are 30 total, but you only need these six to complete the tale.

  • Banner #1: Found beside a tree on the hill above the beach at Sentinel’s Peak, in the northeast of the island. Zoom in to the map and look for the banner in the “ea” of Sentinel’s Peak.
  • Banner #2: Find one on the small unnamed tributary northeast of Kitsune’s Pond. Reach the end of the stream between Lone Spirit Falls and Kemono Trail. At the pond, there’s a very tall rock. Climb to the top!
  • Banner #3: Another is found nearby at Wonderer’s Bluff. Look on the rocky ledge for a cliff path.
  • Banner #4: Go to the unnamed outpost 50/50 between Kidafure Battleground and Tatsu’s Ladder. This area is full of people — climb to the top of a tower to get this banner.
  • Banner #5: Traveling east, look for this one just north of Kemono Trail (the marker on the map), travel north of the “Tr” in Kemono Trail until you reach a rock wall. Pull down the loose tree with your grapple to reach the ledge with this banner.
  • Banner #6: Found in Fort Sakai, enter a tall building in the southeast of the fort. Inside, climb to the third floor (up two ladders) and you’ll find a banner in the room.

Once you find 6 Sakai Banners, the vendor will become available in Nakajima Overlook in the southeast of the island.

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