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The developers of Ghost of Tsushima have rolled out the latest patch to the Directors Cut to fix a problem that’s persisted in the game since its original release, along with a few other fixes. The patch fixes a problem with the cosmetics that makes it hard to get the most out of the game. It’s not a huge problem, but it’s good to see that the developers are finally addressing it.

Sucker Punch announced the patch in a new tweet, saying: “This patch improves the load time for viewing cosmetics in menus on PS5, restores color button prompts, plus various Legends adjustments and additional bug fixes.” Most likely the Legends fixes are to prepare for the launch of the standalone Legends game, which launched today.

VG247 expanded on the load time problem, pointing out that it takes several seconds for cosmetics to load onto Jin, the main character when players try to swap them out in the game’s menu. Again, it’s not a huge problem but it definitely slows the pace of the game down, and it makes it a drag to dress Jin up — which is especially bad since clothes are a primary reward in lots of the game’s missions.

The Directors Cut release of Ghost of Tsushima has updated several things about the game, in order to make it easier to play on PS5. Among other things, the Director’s Cut has “Dynamic 4K resolution targeting 60fps (requires compatible 4K TV or display), DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive trigger resistance, 3D Audio (with analog or USB stereo headphones), lip sync for Japanese voiceover, ability to transfer PS4 saved progress to PS5 game.” It also adds the Iki Island expansion for players to explore. As stated, the latest update on the game is that the Legends multiplayer mode is launching as its own standalone feature, and the Rivals mode which pits players against each other also launches today.


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