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If you liked Ghost of Tsushima, then there’s a chance you might be getting more of it. Supposedly a standalone expansion, this new addition to the game is called “Ghost of Ikishima.” We don’t know anything about this except that it’s supposed to be a single-player experience, and that it’ll be launching sometime later this year. Assuming it’s a real thing, we might see it at the next State of Play event.

The expansion was leaked by a Twitter user named “Shpeshal_Nick,” who simply says that it’s “An Expandalone type game. Aiming for 2021.” Resetera user KatharsisT also chimed in saying that it’s a single-player addition. If it exists, it’s very likely that we’ll hear about it at the next State of Play event. Other games users are hoping to see at this at-the-moment hypothetical event including God of War: Ragnarok, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West, and the upcoming update to PSVR.

Remember, none of this is confirmed so far, so take this whole rumor with a grain of salt. Even if it is, there’s always a chance the title could change — and I suspect it will, because “Ghost of Ikishima” is so close to the original game’s title that I can see that getting confusing. Again, other than those basic details, we know nothing about the game, but based on some context clues we can make some educated guesses.

“Ikishima” is Iki Island, an island between Tsushima and the Japanese mainland. Assuming this expandalone stars the same player character, it might mean that Jin Sakai travels to Ikishima after the events of Tsushima. Considering the game was originally launched on the PS4, it’s very likely the alleged expansion will launch on that console in addition to the PS5. I highly doubt Sucker Punch will give it the Final Fantasy VII: Intergrade treatment.

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