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Ghost of Tsushima’s Directors Cut is set for release, and we finally have some solid information from the developers about what the difference will be between the main game and this new version of the game. We’re getting a new island to explore, a new story, new PS5 features, and a handful of other editions. Players who want to upgrade their base games will have to pay either $20 or $30, while players who buy the game fresh will pay either $60 or $70.

The biggest difference, obviously, is the addition of the Iki Island expansion. This new gameplay area gives players a whole new area to explore and new activities to partake in. According to the developers, the new island will feature a separate story about hero Jin Sakai investigating the Mongol presence on Iki, which was historically invaded at the same time at Tsushima itself. The new area will also feature new mini-games, new armor, and new enemies for Jin to encounter.

PlayStation 5 owners will benefit the most in this upgrade, as several of the upgrades being released in this new version of Tsushima are aimed at that console. The game will now feature support for the haptic feedback in the DualSense controller, as well as 4K support, framerates targeting 60FPS, and enhancements to 3D audio. There’s now also a new feature that will support lip-syncing for the Japanese audio track, which Sucker Punch says is only possible thanks to “the PS5’s ability to render cinematics in real time.”

The other upgrades coming to the game include a patch for alternate controller layouts, an option to enable target lock-on, and the ability to hide your arrow quiver during gameplay. There’s also a new mode coming to Legends called “Rivals,” in which players will be competing with each other to see who can kill the most enemies in the online multiplayer.


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