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When God of War was released on the PlayStation 4, it sold well and helped move entire console units. Fans rejoiced to have another installment to follow the iconic Kratos character. However, we’ve since been waiting on the next game to hit the marketplace, God of War Ragnarok. Unfortunately, it’s a game installment that has yet to make much of an appearance. However, it looks like we might know just how long it will take players to complete.

The game length is already supposedly unveiled despite not having much of anything out in terms of marketing material. This is not an official confirmation, but the original game director behind the IP made the announcement. David Jaffe was the person who directed the first God of War and the follow-up title. However, the industry veteran is not involved with the studio anymore. Still, David has ties with individuals attached to the IP. According to David, he was told that the game would take players over 40 hours to complete.

That’s a hefty amount of time for a God of War video game. Likewise, that surpasses the completion rate for most players in the PlayStation 4 God of War game. As a result, David is unsure if the 40-hour mark is what players can expect in terms of the campaign narrative or hitting 100% completion. Either way that still surpasses the game length for the past installment by a considerable margin. We’re sure that fans would be more than happy to get a 40+ hour God of War video game.

As mentioned, we’re still waiting on more details to come out for the next God of War title. Known by fans as God of War Ragnarok, this installment is something we may get a glimpse at this week. That’s purely speculation as there’s a PlayStation stream happening on September 9, 2021. Perhaps we’ll finally get some concrete details about what fans can expect and maybe even a release date.


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