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We hoped it was coming, we had an inkling, and now it’s here: God of War Ragnarok finally got a trailer at the PlayStation Showcase Event. Kratos and Boy– I mean, Atreus return in what’s presumably going to be the grand finale of their adventures in the Norse world (at least, if the title is anything to go by). We got some gameplay, including a look at several new characters, realms, and enemies. The game appears to still be coming out in 2022.

This apparently takes place several years after the events of the last game, as Atreus now appears to be a teenager who’s gaining on his dad in height. The conflict between the two this time is that Atreus, rattled by his mother’s prophecies about his place in the titular Ragnarok, wants to take on some of the Norse gods who are after him. For once, it’s Kratos who’s advocating not starting a war with gods, and it appears that’s going to cause yet more friction with his son.

From what we can tell, the primary goal this time for the two is to find Tyr, the Norse God of War, who may have knowledge of Ragnarok. A few characters from the previous game will return, including Mimir, Sindri, and Brok. Given the subject matter of the game, it’s likely that several other Norse gods will put in appearances.

The two villains who appear in the trailer the most are Freya, Kratos’ former ally who’s out for vengeance after the death of her son, and Thor, whose appearance in the trailer is mostly a voice. The trailer also showed off some beautiful environments. According to the PlayStation Blog post, the game will let players explore all nine realms. That means that, at some point in the game, we’re going to go to Asgard. Knowing Kratos, we’re probably going to destroy it — and I’m okay with that.


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