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Leading to 2021, there was anticipation that we would be diving into the next thrilling installment of the God of War franchise. God of War Ragnarok fans was anxiously awaiting new trailers, details, and marketing materials to come out. However, 2021 was relatively silent on the IP, which had many assuming this game was getting delayed out of the year. That wasn’t a surprise because 2021 saw all kinds of delays across the board. Although, you might be surprised to hear why God of War Ragnarok was delayed.

2020 saw a massive worldwide pandemic that we’re still dealing with right now. However, this pandemic is still lingering in 2021, which has caused several video game delays. Planned 2021 games were quickly getting pushed into 2022, and overall, fans have been rather understanding. Everyone was affected by the pandemic. With studios transitioning from working under the same roof to remotely developing games, projects were forced into delays. Most might have assumed that God of War Ragnarok was just another victim of the pandemic-related delays. However, it turns out that this game was delayed to allow Christopher Judge to recover from his surgeries. 

If you don’t recall the name, Christopher Judge is the actor who is portraying Kratos. It was recently unveiled by the actor online that he had to go through a series of surgeries. Christopher Judge went through back surgery, hip replacements, and knee surgery. According to Christopher Judge, some studios are not understanding, but Sony Santa Monica was incredibly classy. They didn’t put up a fight but instead pushed the project back to ensure Christopher Judge had plenty of time to get back on his feet to work again.

Fortunately, it looks like things have been going smoothly now that Christopher Judge is recovered. We know that the game is coming next year, 2022. However, we don’t know just when the game will hit the marketplace specifically. When Sony Santa Monica Studio does release this game into the marketplace, you can expect it on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms.


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