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You likely have spotted the little doodles that Google puts up on their main website. Whenever you’re about to search for something online, there’s a tiny little doodle above that’s usually a celebration. It can be based around a holiday, an important historical event, or an iconic individual. Clicking on the image will bring you to more information about what the doodle represents. However, the latest doodle takes things to a more interactive level.

Google today has uploaded an interactive RPG called Doodle: The Doodle Champion Island Games. Doodle: The Doodle Champion Games will continue to update with new content over the coming weeks, but it’s playable right now. It’s a makeshift Olympic story where players take the role of a cat and must complete a series of challenges. You’ll find a series of sports mini-games available, but there are side quests and characters to meet like any good RPG.

Fortunately, this game will keep your progress so you can jump back and continue whenever. You’ll also find the game will be available for weeks to come. It looks like Google is ensuring that this little RPG will get updated alongside the Olympics. After a year delay, thanks to the worldwide coronavirus health pandemic, the Tokyo Olympic Games has begun. What better way to celebrate this event than by playing a cute little browser game?

Controls are simple to pick up, and as mentioned, there are updates to add new content into the mix. To start playing the game, all you need to do is click the doodle image from Meanwhile, you can even catch a documentary from the making of this doodle game in the video embedded above.


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