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One of the more recognizable enemies in Mario is the dreaded Goombas. While easily avoided or defeated, the enemy continues to find its way in Mario games. Recently, Nintendo has been celebrating the grand opening of Super Nintendo World. Established in Universal Studios, the first park was built in Japan. Still, other iterations are coming to different marketplaces around the world. While some of us may never get a chance to visit the Japanese theme park, we have countless videos online to showcase the experience guests will have. Of course, as you can guess, there are plenty of Goombas around the area.

One of the rides is Yoshi’s Adventure. Here players can sit in different Yoshi carts as they go around a track. It’s a great ride to oversee the entire park as well. At one point within the path, there is a stacked Goomba. With four Goombas stacked, its primary purpose is to be a ride decoration. However, these Goombas opted to take off during the ride. Apparently, the four Goombas smashed down on the track blocking off a tunnel entrance.

Fortunately, the statue didn’t land on any of the guests. That’s a good thing as well because the video surfacing online shows that it took a few park employees to lift the statue to move it out of the way. Clearly, this is a really heavy statue because of the how the employees look to be struggling to get it off the track. We’re sure that would have been a bad time if it would have smashed down on guests, especially a young child.

So far, the ride is back operating, but we’re sure there were plenty of safety checks afterward. It’s uncertain right now what caused the statue to smash down, but again it’s fortunate that no guests were harmed. In the meantime, until more parks open up, we’ll have to continue watching the same location videos emerge online. Although, I’m sure the upcoming parks are paying close attention to faulty issues like the stackable Goomba statue.


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