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Gotham Knights has a pretty solid fan base despite the game hitting the marketplace quite yet. Originally unveiled during the virtual DC FanDome event in 2020, this upcoming action RPG was set for release this year. However, just like with a ton of other games this past year, it was delayed. Instead of a launch in 2021, the developers over at WB Games Montreal opted to release this title in 2022. Since then, fans have been waiting on a new update, but nothing has hit the public quite yet so far.

Fans are starting to vent their frustrations online over the lack of news. After a year has passed, this game was revealed, most are beginning to worry about the progress of this project. It’s far too early to tell just how likely this game has gone dormant, but we might get to see something within this year. Just like its initial reveal in August of last year, we might see the game during DC Fandom this year.

This is a virtual event that’s centered around DC Comics. So far, we only have two past events. Currently, the next DC FanDome will be happening on October 16, 2021. That’s not too far off, and with it could come more details for the anticipated Gotham Knights video game. If you’re having trouble recalling just what this game is about, let’s go over a quick refresher. This is an action RPG that puts players into Gotham city on a steep incline of crime.

After Batman’s death, along with commissioner James Gordon, the fate of Gotham city is uncertain. That’s when players will have to take control of Batman’s former proteges. During this game, players will be swapping between Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood. All of the characters will have their unique abilities, and it’s confirmed that this game will feature a two-player co-op. For now, we’re left with a launch window of 2022.


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