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Gotham Knights was first revealed last year during DC FanDome. It was a game that was also slated to release in 2021, but like several other titles, we saw a delay. That wasn’t a big surprise as the pandemic has caused quite the delay across several video game development studios worldwide. Now things have been rather quiet from this IP. Fans are still waiting on some new marketing material to emerge online. Likewise as you can imagine some fans are a bit frustrated over the lack of news, but one leak might help tie them over just a bit longer. It looks like the iconic villain, Penguin, is making an appearance during the game.

This leak comes from IMDB, which shows the cast attached to the project. Recently, fans have spotted actor Elias Toufexis is taking on the role of the Penguin. Unfortunately, this is not confirmed right now, but it does have some fans eager to see if a trailer is coming out sooner than expected. Likewise, this actor is known for a few roles in the video game industry, most notably as Adam Jensen from the Deus Ex franchise. So perhaps this take on Penguin will be quite a bit different compared to what we’ve seen in the past.

If you haven’t been following this game, players are in for an action RPG installment. Rather than taking on the role of Batman, Gotham Knights picks up after the demise of Bruce Wayne. With the Dark Knight defeated, players will find that Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl take over Gotham City’s protection. We also know that this game will feature co-op with drop-in options so friends can hop into the game anytime.

Speaking of these different characters, it looks like each will have its unique attributes. We’re also expecting quite a few different villains to pop up. After all, with Batman no longer in the picture, it would likely see the resurgence of villains, both classic and newcomers. Additionally in that group we know that we’ll see the Court of Owls play a significant role in this video game narrative. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on a specific release date to show up outside of a 2022 launch window.


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