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Rockstar Games tends to leave plenty of clues of what the future holds in their video games. We’ve seen plenty of past clues to future games after they have been released. With that said, it has left some fans digging through the different past games. We know that a new Grand Theft Auto video game is in the works. But we’re still waiting on an official reveal.

While we don’t have anything to go off on just yet, we’ve seen plenty of speculation that the next installment will take players back to Vice City. Of course, that’s just speculation, but fans are certainly interested in seeing how Rockstar Games could show off the game location with the latest generation console platform hardware. Another clue might have been uncovered as well, indicating the next installment is set in Vice City.

A tweet from NewsLeaksGTAS found that a poster in the Lifeinvaders offices has the world Vice boldly standing out. This might be a small indicator that the next game will be taking players to Vice City in the franchise. Of course, we’ll have to wait for the official reveal to happen. Regardless, this won’t stop fans from scavenging the different games to find potential clues.

It’s been a long wait for fans to endure for Grand Theft Auto 6. We’re still uncertain just where the game will be set and when it should be available in the marketplace. Instead, we know that the latest-generation console platforms are slated to receive Grand Theft Auto V still. Perhaps this will come with its share of clues on where the franchise is heading. Likewise, rumors are suggesting that Rockstar Games is remastering past Grand Theft Auto installments. That might hold some players over until the next mainline installment is available.


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