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Grand Theft Auto is a massive franchise, and as such, it’s common to see rumors surfacing online. With so many fans waiting on the next installment, it’s only adding the hype and anticipation. As such, there are even more rumors and even fake leaks coming out online. While some leaks and rumors are quickly debunked, others spread online for a good while. One of the supposed rumors hitting the web is that Rockstar is working on a remake for the three past Grand Theft Auto hits.

The rumor that seems to originate from March1Bud from GTA Forums. According to the user Rockstar Games is working on a GTA Trilogy. This would be a remake for Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and lastly, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It’s believed the visuals would be similar to the likes of Grand Theft Auto V. Now, the big thing here is that this is just a rumor. GTA rumors will continue to flood the internet until an official announcement is made.

We’ve been waiting for news to emerge for a good while now. Instead of getting a new installment, Rockstar Games is porting GTA V. This time the game will be hitting the latest-generation console platforms, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. With that said, there’s always the potential to see Rockstar Games add something new to the gameplay. Hopefully this will give past players an incentive to pick this title up once again. Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of revenue pouring in from Grand Theft Auto Online so we could see players jump onto the multiplayer component alone with the latest platforms.

Whether we get a remake of the past Grand Theft Auto hits or a new installment, it’s likely fans will be thrilled. After all, Grand Theft Auto V has been around since 2013. So we’ve been hanging around Los Santos for a good long while. Would you like to see remakes for previous Grand Theft Auto games, or are you more interested in a new installment?


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