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There is always a ton of speculation as to what’s coming to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Fans are getting restless as we’ve had Grand Theft Auto V since 2013. Now Rockstar Games is preparing another launch for Grand Theft Auto V for the latest-generation console platforms. However, that reveal was not met with ecstatic fanfare. Instead, the reveal trailer alone is overwhelmingly down voted by viewers.

We know that a new installment for the franchise is in the works. Fans have been looking at anything and everything that could point to what Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature. Unfortunately, no official news has come out. With that said, there is a new cherry picker that’s parked out in front of the Rockstar North studio. So naturally, fans were quick to speculate that this was something parked out in front to start hanging up new poster marketing materials. The building has had massive posters hung up for new upcoming games in the past.

Others have been quick to debunk these speculation pieces. Some suggest that it’s something parked out simply to clean the windows of the building. However, today it’s reported that the company this cherry picker is owned by doesn’t dedicate themselves to cleaning windows. Instead, this company has been used to help hang up different decor for buildings. That has left speculation to bounce back to a Grand Theft Auto 6 marketing materials being hung up on the building.

Of course, this is just speculation, and we don’t have any official announcement on the game yet. There’s also the possibility that this could be marketing material for the latest Grand Theft Auto V port for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Then there are the rumors of Rockstar Games releasing a remastered edition of past Grand Theft Auto installments. For now, fans are actively waiting to see if this cherry-picker will be hanging up any marketing posters.


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