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A longtime rumor is that Rockstar is working on a Grand Theft Auto remaster of some kind — an update to one of its classic trilogy of games. Now it seems that the rumors are true, or at least there’s one more piece of evidence bearing out that rumor. Earlier this week, the South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee rated “Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.” That would seem to bear out the rumor and hopefully means that we’re getting the game sooner rather than later.

Reports surfaced earlier this year that one of Rockstar’s studios was working on a remaster of the PS2-era Rockstar classics, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto Vice City. The game was originally supposed to launch sometime later this year, though the rumor has since changed to it launching next year. The remastered trilogy is supposedly in the works for current-gen and next-gen consoles, as well Switch Stadia and mobile devices.

Rockstar has previously said it doesn’t want the remaster to be a low-effort port but to be a different entity. Hopefully, that means the remastered trilogy will be a worthy update to the original titles. It’d also be a good holdover, given that the next game in the numbered series, Grand Theft Auto VI, is not likely to come out for several more years — or so say the same sources from which most of the remastered trilogy.

So let’s look at where we’re at: We have dozens of games coming up in the next year, and we might also be getting the remastered GTA trilogy. Bayonetta 3 is real and on its way, and four years of waiting were entirely worth it. That’s a good note to end on, isn’t it? It’s been fun delivering the news to you, Gameranx readers!


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