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GRIME puts Metroidvania exploration at the forefront, dumping you into a bizarre alien world with very little explanation or even a clear goal. You know you need to return to the strange swirling something in the sky — you’re drawn to it like a moth to flame, but otherwise this game really doesn’t give you any clear tutorial. You’re stuck searching every corner of a surprisingly huge fully 3D-rendered world for a path forward. And there are a couple basic features every Metroidvania fan is looking for.

Two standard travel power unlocks in Metroidvania are Double-Jumps and Teleporting. GRIME has both, and if you’re wondering when you’ll be able to get your weird rock hands on them, we’ve got a full explanation below. It takes a lot longer than you’d think. Until then you’ll have to settle for absorbing enemies, self-pull, and more weird abilities that absolutely fit GRIME’s twisted, freaky world.

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  • How To Get Double-Jump: To get Double-Jump, you need to complete Shidra’s Quest — the large character found in the center of the Worldpillar. Gain the Unsealer and use it on the door in the Carven Palace. This leads to a new city area. Reach of the second late-game area and you’ll encounter a required boss fight. Defeating this boss unlocks Double-Jump and Weapon Upgrading.

Weapon Upgrading can be done at any Surrogate, just like leveling up skills and traits.

  • How To Get Fast Travel: There are five areas you’ll find after using the Unsealer. In the fourth area through the Carven Palace door, you’ll encounter a massive required boss fight. Defeating it will allow you to fast-travel between any Surrogate.

There other fast-travel system isn’t convenient at all, so it’s a relief to finally get a proper travel system that lets you teleport to any of the surrogates. It only becomes available in the end-game where you can go back to fully explore the world and unlock anything you’ve missed.

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