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Microsoft has made some big notable moves over the past several years. To start things out, the company made an effort to ensure that all exclusives would come not only on their Xbox consoles but the PC platform as well. Unfortunately, that move didn’t come in time for Halo 5: Guardians, and it’s still the big Halo game that’s missing for PC players. Recently, a leaked list showcased some of the games that were speculated to launch on PC.

That list was from GeForce Now, and it had quite a bit of excitement. A statement was already released by GeForce Now confirming that the list of games is accurate. However, the list of games was just speculative on their part. One of the games on that list was Halo 5: Guardians, which would make all the major Halo games available on the PC platform.

Quickly killing this rumor off was 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard. Announced through their official Twitter account, Brian noted that there were no plans for a PC release. So as it stands right now, you’ll have to be an Xbox console owner to enjoy Halo 5: Guardians, which is a bit of a bummer for those wanting to enjoy the game on PC. Currently, the focus over at the 343 Industries studio is ensuring a successful launch of Halo Infinite.

With all that said, Brian Jarrard did state that the studio will never say never. So there’s always hope that we’ll get Halo 5: Guardians on the PC platform down the road. Unfortunately although, it doesn’t look like that will be anytime soon. Fortunately, you have all the other Halo games on PC with Halo Infinite coming as well.


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