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Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated video game titles slated to launch this year still. 343 Industries wanted to get this game out last year, but fans were quick with criticisms after the initial gameplay trailer reveal. This left the studio to push the game back and even brought in some veteran developers like Joseph Staten. So now the focus is getting the game ready for the marketplace.

We’ve seen a good bit of the game in terms of multiplayer. That has left some fans wondering just where the campaign footage is. 343 Industries are working hard on the game, especially now that we have a specific release date attached to the project. Still, after Gamescom’s Microsoft stream, it seemed amiss not to have a new campaign trailer or single-player gameplay footage. A recent blog post from 343 Industries recently featured the creative head for Halo Infinite, Joseph Staten.

Joseph explained that the focus is ensuring that the game is ready for launch. Everything that the development team can get rid of in terms of bugs is likely the primary focus. As a result, this is why we’re not getting new trailers or gameplay footage. According to the post, the development team would be taken away from working on the gameplay bug fixes if they opted to work on these marketing materials. At 343 Industries, the studio is in shutdown mode. Right now, feature work is complete and the focus at the studio is clearing high-priority bugs.

Perhaps we’ll get some trailers and footage released in the coming months leading to the official launch of Halo Infinite. We already know that the development time is pretty tight as is. Currently, two major features for the franchise won’t be in Halo Infinite at launch. Both Forge and campaign co-op won’t be available when the game releases. With that said, these features will come to the game during seasonal updates. Halo Infinite will be available on December 8, 2021. When the game releases, players can expect the title on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC platforms.


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