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Halo Infinite is a highly anticipated video game title. While the initial gameplay trailer led to plenty of flack from fans, 343 Industries had since delayed the game. Fortunately, the game had a successful flight. For those unaware, flights are what 343 Industries call their betas. Selected players were able to dive into the game and participate in limited multiplayer gameplay. Now that flight has concluded, but 343 Industries were able to get some crucial feedback from this beta.

Speaking with IGN, 343 Industries confirmed that they have already made a variety of improvements. The game was tweaked to work better on a variety of PC component hardware. For instance, Halo Infinite now runs better with players that have the older GTX 900 series graphics cards. Meanwhile, there were other configurations to allow the game to play more seamlessly on other PC builds.  Although, that wasn’t the only hardware 343 Industries is keeping track of.

Outside of PC, the 343 Industries studio is also keeping an eye on improving the Xbox One console performance. More improvements are likely inbound before the game launches this holiday season. As a result, there are likely more flight betas in the works. Unfortunately, we don’t know just when the next flight will happen. If you don’t recall, the community manager for 343 Industries, Brian Jarrard, spoke about a potential new flight.

The past flight might have just wrapped up, Brain Jarrard alerted followers on his personal Twitter account earlier this month of a new flight. This next potential flight would allow players to get more PVP and other multiplayer aspects of the upcoming game. For now, it’s a waiting game to see if this flight happens, but it’s best to sign up for the Halo Insider Program. This is where 343 Industries will be selecting players at random to test the game out.


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